State Representative Antonio Parkinson

State Representative Antonio Parkinson - District 98    Only in Memphis, TN, the home of ground-breaking independent thinkers from Fred Smith to Sam Phillips, could a new and promising leader emerge, one who's assisting in leading the way in bringing pride and excitement back to the City of Memphis and its communities.   
    Welcome Antonio Parkinson, State Representative for Tennessee's 98th Legislative District. District 98 is predominately made up of the Raleigh, Raleigh-Bartlett, North Memphis and Berclair areas. 
     Brought to Memphis via the Marine Corps (where he was given the nickname '2 Shay' by his Drill Instructor), he is well-known by many in the Memphis community as one who makes a difference.  Antonio Parkinson is dedicated to making Memphis, Shelby County and the State of Tennessee a better place to Live. 
    Although no longer serving on the board of directors, his creation,, was created as a vehicle for citizens of Memphis and Shelby County to voice their likes, dislikes, opinions and solutions for issues and opportunities within our city and county.  Through, he spearheaded numerous community events and initiatives such as town hall meetings, creation of The Voice of Raleigh and Frayser Community Action Network, The Raleigh Fire Victims Fund & Donation Center, Toys in the Garden, The Fresh Starts Community Baby Shower, the Harvest Ball and The Block Party for Peace to name a few.   
    The Block Party for Peace was born as an idea to create an event that would foster pride in North Memphis communities and create a positive annual economic impact.  The purpose of the event is to educate, empower and develop (both for economic and workforce purposes), the residents and attendees, while creating awareness and solutions to help control crime in our communities. In its 5th year, the event plays host to thousands of attendees over a three day period.  The Block Party for Peace has become the most anticipated event in North Memphis.  Three major components are its focus: Education, Employment and Living a Healthy Lifestyle, which are the most important factors in determining quality of life for our citizens.    
    The Fresh Starts Community Baby Shower is a women's empowerment initiative aimed at fighting infant mortality in the Memphis community.  With North Memphis zip codes considered as statistical ground zero for infant mortality in the state of Tennessee, Mr. Parkinson felt compelled to assist in reversing the trend.  The baby shower hosts approximately three hundred attendees.  To date, those that are still able to be contacted have reported no baby deaths.
    Parkinson is a father, husband, business owner, firefighter and member of Breath of Life Christian Center.
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